I don’t follow
I don’t lead
I walk free

The day I feel the highest high
From a living, breathing soul
Is the day I put the drugs down

Because our addictions are our distractions.
― Six Word Story (via gezel)

(Source: faded-and-dreaming)

It sucks, ya know
constantly trying
to find something
to numb the pain

And it hurts, ya know
my head pounds
and heart throbs

It isn’t working 
It isn’t working well 

It’s working well enough
but not anymore

No high last long enough
nothing seems strong enough

So we do it all again

One day
I wont feel it


We really are Ana and Elsa now, and it sucks. I lost my best friend.

Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.
― H. Jackson Brown Jr. (via observando)
Anonymous: Hi beautiful.

Hi little anon :o thank you for the compliment


I want to write,
but I have no idea what to say.
I guess my heart
and my head
are too wrapped up
in you
your name
to think of anything else.
I want to write of
the sky and the wind
and how the
tulips seem to smile
on a spring day.
But all I can think about
is how you got goosebumps
on your skin
where the wind kissed you,
and how I was so jelous,
because it got to touch you
and I didn’t.
And it hurts
remembering how
you gave me a tulip
when we walked through
my grandmothers garden.
I don’t like tulips anymore.
I want to write of
ocean water, crystal blue,
and of girly things
like lipstick and perfume.
But all I can think about
is how we went
to the beach last summer
and you gave me
my first kiss
under the bridge.
And it hurts
remembering how
you bought me
vanilla perfume
because it was your favorite.
I don’t wear it anymore.
I want to write
but I have nothing to say
because I miss you so much
and I wish,
that just this once,
you would have stayed.

Poem for: “moving on and missing someone.”

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